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    Writer Wednesdays
  • Wednesday October 1, 2014

    Hey folks! Been a busy week for the Edward. Between writing, back problems, laboring to teach a new puppy to go outside, and taking careA new feature here at FNTX Radio!

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  • Sunday Sermon
  • Sunday September 28, 2014

    When I was a little boy, like most little boys in East Texas, my dad took me fishing. Unlike most little boys with whom I

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  • Sunday Sermon
  • Monday September 22, 2014

    (My computer was acting goofy yesterday, so I wasn't able to get this yesterday. Hope you enjoy it!) America is a Christian nation. The statement offends(On a Monday)

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  • Texas Trivia Thursday
  • Thursday September 18, 2014

    I remember watching him play. In High School, it seemed he was more a basketball star than football star, but that was my outsider's perspective.Bobby Taylor

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  • Sunday Sermon
  • Sunday September 14, 2014

    Many of the people who follow my Sunday Sermons are about to have their feathers seriously ruffled. Unlike my usual Sermon, this isn't one to which

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